ARK Healthcare Currents

February 22, 2021

St. Camillus Gets Vaccinated

St. Camillus gets Vaccinated CVS pharmacists came in to administer the first round of the COVID-19 vaccine. We all received the Pfizer and are excited to get our second round to complete the process of protecting ourselves against COVID. We have been long anticipating the arrival of the COVID-19 vaccine here at St. Camillus. Staff and residents received the first round of the vaccine on December 30th which was provided by CVS pharmacy. 2020 has

January 27, 2021

Season of Giving

Season of Giving This holiday at St. Camillus, we wanted to spread some holiday cheer to our residents by passing out gifts. Equipped with a red suit and beard, St. Camillus’ very own Santa stopped by every room to hand deliver presents to everyone. Seeing the surprised and sweet faces of our residents reminded us of what Christmas is all about; spreading love and gratitude. Each gift was donated to St. Camillus and distributed based