Therapeutic and Rehab Services


Upon admission and regularly throughout your stay, Our Certified Dietician evaluates your nutritional needs to design a diet plan optimized to facilitate your healing process. Religious dietary requirements, personal preferences and allergic diet limitations are strictly observed while providing appealing dining options.


ARK Healthcare Rehabilitation offers an integrated care system of professional, clinical and technical resources for complex wound care.

We treat a wide variety of complex wounds, including ostomies, diabetic ulcers, arterial/venous ulcers, pressure ulcers, burns and pre- and post-flap surgery.

Complex Wound Program Includes:
  • Professional skin care and clinical wound management
  • Patient-specific seating protocols
  • IV therapy (antibiotics)
  • Nutritional counseling
ARK Healthcare Complex Wound Program Specialties Include:
  • Physicians specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation
  • Physical therapy designed to increase strength and mobility and enhance wound healing
  • Occupational therapy to assist patients in returning to their everyday activities
  • Psychology services
  • Care management services


At ARK Healthcare, we don’t just treat a patient or a condition. The goal of our long-term skilled nursing care team is to help you live your life to the fullest.

Whatever the length of your stay, you’ll be welcomed in the comfortable and compassionate environment of our dedicated long-term care floor.

In addition to 24-hour acute and chronic long-term care including administering medications and personal hygiene, our care providers help residents with their daily activities including scheduling appointments, managing money, and other tasks that they are unable to perform on their own.


Caregivers, you deserve a break.

Family and other private long-term care providers can rely on us when they need to make time for themselves.

Whether you need temporary care coverage for a few days or a few weeks, you can be confident in the comfortable housing and comprehensive skilled nursing care your elderly, sick or handicapped dependents will receive at ARK Healthcare.


Alzheimer’s and other dementias present unique challenges for care providers. Family members can be confident that their loved ones at ARK Healthcare will be well taken care of in a happy, loving environment.

Our attentive, compassionate and experienced team on the Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care Unit floor are highly trained in providing the specialized care and attention required to maximize patient comfort and safety while managing their condition.

Our Religious Services

An important part of recovery is having faith.

At St. Camillus we offer daily religious practices for our residents to help keep their spirits high throughout their recovery period. Our Pastoral Care team has taken the time to build relationships with our resident’s and help heal their mind and body with the power of prayer.

Our beautiful, in-house chapel holds Mass daily making it easy for our residents to practice their faith throughout their stay with us. 


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